Download Mini Militia Mod Apk 2022 V5.3.7(LATEST VERSION)

Playing games on smartphones is common now. Everybody has a smartphone and he has also some data about games and for playing games in extra time. Everyone wants to enjoy himself in his extra time. There are many games on the app store. About thousands of games are uploaded on the internet daily and millions of people download these games from the play store and enjoy themselves in extra time.

For playing such games for great fun, you simply have to go to the app store and search for games. You got millions of games given in the form of a list. There are top games in the downloaded section. One of them is Mini Militia Doodle Army 2. If you have visited without any cost top games you have also seen this game in the list. I have also provided the mini militia mod apk version.



Mini Militia Mod APK is an original 2D multiplayer game. This game came on Appstore in 2017. It also gained popularity on social media due to its unique characteristics. This game also gains more fame. Now this game is going on the Top Trend in the app store. This game got millions of followers. That’s why I recommend you download the Mini Militia pro pack Mod Apk. If you have not played this game then, I have suggested you play this game and I am sure that you will gain more and more fun from it.


The gameplay is very interesting and enjoyable. In this game, there is a great space for protection from the enemy. If your aim is present on the one side, then you have more and more space for protection on the other side and you also have more weapons for the attack and for hitting the enemy. The more interesting levels are present in it.

The back seen of the game makes it more attractive and wonderful for the player. If you have not visited earlier, then you have to visit and enjoy the game . There are different types of weapons in this game which makes it more interesting. The millions of grenades are present in the mini militia mod apk that make the game much  more enjoyable and classic. The other good thing about this game is that it requires lightweight storage to save on smartphones and this game has a clear background that attracts players.

Mini Militia Mod Apk unlimited health and  Jetpack are present in this version. You cannot die immediately. The other branded thing about this game is that it is a multiplayer game. You can play this game with multiplayer consisting of 6 online players and 12 using Wi-Fi. There are different types of modes in this game that make this game more interesting than the other games of the same type.

How To Play?

In this post, we will tell you about the Mini Militia Mode Apk version for Android and also provide a link to download this game for playing. I also tell you that this game is free to download than the other games that require real money to download. If you want to play the game without any cost, then you have to download this game.

There are different versions of this game and you can get all those versions by clicking on the link given below. Militia mod apk unlimited money and cash, which will make it easier for you to play the game. By downloading from the link given below, you will be able to get all the versions in one click and have no need to download other cracked versions.

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Mini Militia MOD APK File Information

Game NameMini Militia Mod APK
Latest Versionv5.3.7
Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and above
DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
Last updateMarch,2022
File Size43MB
Total Downloads50M+


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1. Multiplayer Game:


One of the best reasons for downloading this game is that you can play this game with more than one friend. You can play this game with 6 online and 12 using WIFI. Although this is a 2D game all the good features are present and you will enjoy it.

In this game, the fighters fight with one another and the winner of the game is announced at the end of the game. Mini militia mod APK Unlimited Ammo and Nitro are present in this version.

2. Various Maps:

various maps

The other best thing about this game is that has many maps of different features. Mini militia mod apk version gives various maps in different structures. It is not limited to only one map. This game has 20 types of different maps. You can choose the map of your own choice and you can enjoy the good features of that map. The availability of many maps in this game makes it more and more enjoyable, interesting, and wonderful. You should prefer this game to enjoy the wonderful features of the game.

3. Interested game:

Mini militia mod apk is a very interesting game. It is interesting due to the different types of modes present in it. The different levels of the game also make it more interesting.

4. Modern weapons:

best weapons

There are modern weapons in the game. A wide range of blasting weapons is present in the game. The player feels more protective in playing the game due to the presence of these weapons.


The material in this game is totally branded and quality-based. The different types of technology-based weapons and maps of branded quality make it more and more beautiful and important for the player.

6. Works Offline:

works offline

Another branded thing about this game is that it can also work offline. If you have no availability of internet signals; then you can also enjoy this game. You can also enjoy this game with quality-based maps when you have no availability of internet signals. The offline mode of this game is quite different from the online mode of the other games. Due to this feature of the game, the player takes more interest in playing the game and creates fun from it. That is why you have to download this game from the link given below to enjoy and pass out your free time.

7. Smart and Simple:

smart and simple

This game is so simple and easy to play. There are many weapons and certain items in this game that are not present in any game of such type. This game has clear and simple options to work. Mini militia pro pack (professional pack) mod apk gives the unlock version that makes the game easy. The simple but clear background in this game makes it more and more amazing for the player.

Totally classic material is present in this game. In this game, more than one player can play the game with one another at a time by using WI-FI or another internet source. Simple options in this game make the user more attracted and play this game more.

8. Totally Free:

totaly free

The mini militia mod apk version is totally free for you. There is no cost for this game. Keep in mind that you have to download this game with an updated version from this website. You can download this game by simply clicking on the link given below.

There is no cost for this game. Keep in mind that you have to download this game with an updated version from this website. Beware of fake websites. Some websites contain this, but when you click on the link your device will be hanged for unlimited hours. So, beware of such websites causing an issue for your device and download this game from the link given below.

9. Rating:

Due to the great functions of the game, this game got 4.5 out of 5 in its rating box. This is the average rating of the game. This game is gaining more popularity in the media due to its work. The rating is increasing day by day due to its great activity.


mini militia mod apk download

The following steps are mini militia mod apk download.

  •  Now it is time to provide you with the link to the game to download and enjoy its beautiful and amazing modes. By using the link mentioned below, you can download this game.
  • After downloading you need to install it simply and then it will have appeared on the display of your smartphone.
  • If you are a new user, then firstly you need to download this game from the link given below. Then you have to install it, simply by going into the main memory of your smartphone.
  • If you have not installed, such type of game earlier then you have to go to the setting of your smartphone. Where you have to search the “unknown sources”. After this, you have to turn on this option.
  • Then you have to again come to the main memory and install this and then it will appear on the main display of your smartphone.
  • Then by clicking on the game you can enjoy all the amazing features of the latest version of the mini militia mod apk.

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Mini militia mod apk has the following advantages.

  • By playing this game, you will feel fresh.
  • you will have happy feelings at the end of the game.
  • you can pass your free time happily.
  • you can enjoy the modern weapons of the modern era.
  •  you can gain more and more knowledge about technology.
  • This game gives you the opportunity to enjoy yourself with beautiful maps.
  • The offline feature makes it easier to play.
  • You can impress yourself with the beauty of the beautiful maps.

Above mentioned features are the same features of the game. There are many more features of the game that are not mentioned here to make you more and more excited to play the game.

List of all mini militia mod apk

  • Unlimited ammo mod
  • Unlimited Nitro mod
  • Unlimited jet pack mod
  • Unlimited health mod
  • God MOD
  • Mega mod
  • Invisible avatar mod
  • One kill shot MOD


  • Can I play this game with friends online?

Yes, you can play this game with friends who are not present with you. Six friends can play this game together. If you have a Wi-Fi system, twelve friends can play.

  • Is this game available for PC?

Yes, you can enjoy this game on a laptop or PC. Here, I will complete a guide on how to download this game on PC.

  • How do you play this game with a hotspot?

You can play this game with friends through a hotspot.12 friends can play this game with each other.Given steps play through hotspot.

  1. First of all, activate the mobile hotspot
  2. Open the game
  3. Choose the option which is named as practical local
  4. Then select Deathmatch.
  5. Click on LAN, Wi-Fi
  6. Here you will see the option named host.
  7. Select the host

Then you have invited your friends through the hotspot and then obey the above guidelines, but rather than click on the host they have to click to join.

  • What are the best maps in this game?

All the maps are amazing and have different structures. Each map has its own beauty. But my point of view crossfire is the best. This map is ideal for long-term play.

  • What is the best mod in this game?

God mod is the best mod in the mini militia game. Most people like this mod of the game because it has a classical and amazing version.

  • What is the latest version of the mini militia?

The latest version of this game is 5.3.7.


This was all about the MINI MILITIA MOD APK and we hope you have known about it. This game actually provides you with refreshments. So, without waiting, click on the link given above and download the game by following the above-mentioned steps. Do not use other links provided by other websites to download this.

As I have informed you earlier that the other websites can cause stress for you and can hang your smartphone. So do not take the risk and download the game by the link given below. The given link is approved by ourselves and it does not contain any other material other than the game.

We will keep on updating you about this game. you keep visiting this website for more information about the game. If you have to face any problems with this game, then you can contact us in the comment section. THANKS.

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