Mini Militia Cheats Codes, Hidden Tips [100% Working]

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Mini Militia Cheats Codes: Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Nitro, and Free Weapons!

Do you love Mini Militia? If so, you’re in luck because there are tons of Mini Militia Cheats & Chat Codes and we will provide you with all! There is no other place on the internet that gives away as many secret codes to use in the game!

This guide will give you all of the Mini Militia secret codes and cheats including unlimited ammo, health, nitro and free weapons.

We’ve also included some of our favourite weapon upgrades that we have found to be helpful while playing this new mobile game!

Mini Militia Chat Commands

  • GG: Good Game.
  • NS: Nice Shot.
  • BI: bring it.
  • RU: ready up.
  • HH: hoo ya.
  • MO: move out.
  • GM: Oh, They got me!
  • WP: You wanna piece of me!

Mini Militia Cheats Codes

  • Captain of the Army – Chat Code: duke
  • No Reloading – Chat Code: tootsie pop
  • 7,000 Battle Points – Chat Code: gummy bear

Mini Militia Cheats Mods :

The best Mods to Cheat in Mini Militia are given below:

Mini Militia MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Mini Militia Cheats Codes
Mini Militia Cheats Codes

Immortality Mini Militia Cheats Codes

Remember when we mentioned that every time you beat a level in Mini Militia you’re awarded an ammo pack? It turns out there’s a way to make those ammo packs much more valuable.

The key is locating one of these tricky little critters called cats.

These adorable creatures show up randomly throughout each map and are usually tucked away in secret places like behind buildings or trees.

If you happen to find yourself facing off against one of these cats, don’t shoot it because… well… it’s a cat. Instead, lure it over to your team’s base by dashing into it.

Doing so will automatically award your entire squad with 50 extra ammo packs!

Backpack Mini Militia Cheats Codes

MiniMilitia has a lot of weapons that are cool but if you do not have enough currency or if you don’t want to spend money on in-game weapons you can always use Mini Militia Hack.

This online hack tool is really easy to use and there are no additional steps that you need to take. Simply enter your name or email, select your platform (iOS or Android) and click Connect.

Wait for a few moments and then see your resources being added to your account in the game automatically! It couldn’t be easier right?

Infinite Health Mini Militia Cheats Codes

Press [P] on your keyboard in-game. Infinite Ammo: Press [Q] on your keyboard in-game. Infinite Nitro: Press [E] on your keyboard in-game.

Free Weapons: Go to armoury then press [1] -[2]-[3]-[4]-[5] then enter in cheat code come_on_man online or offline and you will receive free weapons which you can use freely to kill enemies or create a good strategy to pass levels with no problems.

Be sure that you don’t get spotted by enemy soldiers while using these cheats or else it’ll give away a notification for an auto ban.

Infinite Ammo Mini Militia Cheats Codes

If you are tired of running out of ammo when playing the Mini Militia game then you can have unlimited ammo using cheats.

You will get unlimited ammunition for every weapon immediately.

Infinite Nitro Mini Militia Cheats Codes

When you have nitro in your tank, just keep driving after you use it up. After a few seconds, you should be able to activate nitro again. It will still take up one bar of nitro.

This works on both mobile and computer versions of Mini Militia.

Unlimited Diamonds – Mini Militia Cheats Codes

In order to unlock nitro for all cars, simply go to your garage and look at any car. Once you are looking at a specific car, hit LT on your controller.

This will enable nitro for every car in your garage including future cars you purchase.

Keep in mind that any achievements or trophies related to reaching level x with a certain vehicle will only apply if you have not unlocked their nitro yet. You can use Xbox One controllers if you want to maximize your efficiency while using these cheats. Cheat Codes:

Achievements are fun but they always create artificial barriers between players who don’t want to buy them and those who do – so we got rid of them!

All Cars Have Nitro Mini Militia Cheats Codes

To have a nitro-enabled car in your garage that you can use anytime, go to any car store, find a car that you like but isn’t nitro-enabled, and buy it. Then take it to your garage.

When you are in your garage with said vehicle selected, scroll down on your list of upgrades for that specific vehicle until you see Nitrous; select it.

Next to where it says Nitrous Status: Disabled select Enable Nitrous. That will give you an instant upgrade by adding a nitrous button to your screen while playing.

All Levels Unlocked Mini Militia Cheats Codes

Typing in an endless string of ‘w’ on Mini-Militia will make you run very fast, making it much easier to get around.

This can be good for when you need to escape a fight you’re losing or simply run somewhere quickly.

Since using guns is harder while moving so fast, it’s often best to use a gun that doesn’t require precise aiming like a Shotgun or Rocket Launcher.

Super Jump Mini Militia Cheats Codes

Jumping higher gives you a great advantage when playing online since you can use it to evade your enemies as well as attack them.

To make yourself jump higher in Mini Militia, all you need to do is hold down Q while jumping.

This will ensure that your avatar jumps as high as possible while still maintaining some sense of control over his movements.

This can be helpful during boss fights against larger opponents like tanks or helicopters where evading fire and getting close enough to attack are both important goals.

Additionally, jumping directly up with Q will result in additional height if combined with holding down forward on your keyboard during landing.

One word of caution–using multiple jumps at once will consume energy faster than normal so be sure not to waste it by doing that too often.

Instant Reload Mini Militia Cheats Codes

One of my favourite things about Mini Militia is that you can instantly reload your weapons in two different ways.

You can tap A to reload right away or you can wait until your clip is empty and then hold A for a full reload. Both work great. Take advantage of both methods when you need a quick to reload.

Super Speed Mini Militia Cheats Codes

To activate Super Speed in Mini Militia for PC, press Ctrl + N together. Now your super-fast character will look like a blur to other players.

This can make it harder for your opponents to see where you’re going and what you’re doing. It’s not nearly as effective if they have it activated too though.

So if you see someone running around that looks like a streak of lightning just shoot him with a rocket or something because chances are he probably has super speed on as well.

Be careful though – you only get a short amount of time before it runs out and if you run out of health while using it you won’t be able to use it again until respawning.

Final Verdict Mini Militia Cheats Codes

The weapons are where most of your money will be spent.

The better quality your gun is, such as a fully automatic shotgun with a scope, you’ll have better chances at winning in multi-player deathmatch games.

If you don’t have enough money to get one just yet, try earning it in survival games or find one that can be bought in other players’ shops.

If you don’t want to buy one either then keep trying to find a game mode called Warzone.

It is found under multi-player so far as I know and puts two teams against each other allowing you to level up much quicker by killing enemies.

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