Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V5 By Ankit.apk

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Mini Militia Power Blower Mod v5 – Ankit’s Ultimate Weapon Mod

You’ve probably played Mini Militia’s Blower weapon before, but if you haven’t, this weapon blows the enemies away using compressed air.

The only drawback is that it takes some time to reload after you fire it…but not anymore!

By downloading and applying the Mini Militia Power Blower Mod v4 and v5, you’ll be able to use the Blower without any of these limitations.

This mod unlocks all premium features, giving you an extreme advantage over your opponents!

Download this ultimate Mini Militia blower mod and blow everything away…or try to escape being blown away yourself!

Mini Militia Power Blower

Download Mod APK From Here:

#1. Download the mod file from the link provided below.

#2. Extract the archive to your desktop or any other folder on your computer that you can easily find it in.

#3. Navigate to the location of your extracted files, then go into the Mods folder inside of Mini-Militia.

#4. Drag and drop all contents from the downloaded zip file into this folder, overwriting any existing files.

How To Install Mini Militia Power Blower MOD v5?

1) Download the mod from the link below.

2) Download the latest version of Minecraft Forge.

3) Put MiniMilitiaPowerBlowerMod-v4.jar into your .minecraft/mods folder.

4) Put MiniMilitiaPowerBlowerMod-v5.jar into your .minecraft/mods folder

Use This Super Powerful Weapon On One Hit Kill Bosses And Enemies!

The Mini Militia power blower mod v4 and v5 is a completely new weapon that has been added to the game. This powerful blower weapon will give you a one-hit kill on bosses and enemies. It is one of the most powerful weapons in this game.

You can also combine it with other weapons to make it even more deadly.

Enjoy Playing The Game Now!!

This is an amazing game with a lot of levels to play, weapons to unlock, and missions to complete.

Once you download this mod for Mini Militia, you’ll have access to a powerful weapon which will help you take out your enemies quickly.

The power blower is one of the best weapons in the game because it can fire multiple shots at once without reloading. This makes it easy to get rid of any enemy that comes in your path! It also has unlimited ammo so you don’t have to worry about running out during battle.

Conclusion – Mini Militia Power Blower MOD

Powerful blowers are very important in the game. You can use them to blow back or up the enemies or even knock them down. The power of these weapons will depend on your arm’s strength.

If you want to achieve high-ranking missions, then you must have a great power blower weapon which can help you destroy your enemies.

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